Homeless Services Programs

On any given day, approximately 670,000 individuals experience homelessness in the United States. In an attempt to address this problem, Photo of homeless man's feetthe Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grants about $1.2 billion annually to address this problem.

Provide® Enterprise is used by Homeless Service Providers who are receiving HUD funds for ESG, SHP, HPRP and HOPWA Programs. While Provide® Enterprise easily generates the required Federal reports for these programs, it is the functionality beyond producing required reports that our customers really value.

The software addresses the entire range of information needed for each episode of care from intake to discharge. All aspects of the system can be customized to reflect the information you collect and the way your program operates. Provide® Enterprise works effectively in stand alone shelters, in a continuum of care and in other types of local or statewide networks serving those who are homeless.

The overall goal of Provide® Enterprise in Homeless Service programs is to support and track the transition of a client from living on the streets to a shelter, to transitional living and, finally to permanent housing. Provide® Enterprise includes features specific to the management of homeless shelters, such as tracking the availability of beds, assigning Clients to beds, and identifying the funding source for each Client. In addition, Provide® Enterprise supports the full range of care management activities such as determining Client eligibility, assessing Client needs, monitoring Client health and well-being, creating action plans and goals, documenting services provided, monitoring referrals and service requests, and tracking Client outcomes. The software also allows you to measure program effectiveness, manage grants, and generate limitless customized reports.

If you are looking for the right care management tool for your Homeless Services, talk to us about Provide® Enterprise.

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