Nutrition Programs

In the United States, 4 percent of households experience hunger. People in these households frequently skip meals or eat too little, sometimes going days without food. It is estimated that 11.1 million people, including 430,000 children, live in these homes. delivering a mealThe Federal government funds a wide range of programs that provide meals and nutritional supports to these individuals.

Provide® Enterprise is being used by agencies operating nutritional programs targeted to elderly, disabled, and homebound individuals. The software contains nutritional assessments, generates nutritional Care Plans, and tracks the meals the Client receives. Whether the Client’s meals are delivered to the home or to a congregate setting, Provide® Enterprise helps ensure that the Client’s dietary and caloric requirements are met. Recognizing that a Client’s nutritional needs are one of many factors that contribute to the Client’s overall health and well being, some programs offer a wider range of services. In such instances, Provide® Enterprise can incorporate any additional information a Care Manager requires to fully assess the Client and address the Client’s care needs.

For organizations that deliver meals, Provide® Enterprise simplifies the meal distribution process, creating delivery schedules, mapping delivery routes, and providing other specific delivery instructions. The detailed information provided by the system makes it possible for volunteers to learn their routes more quickly, to deliver more meals, and to do so with less supervision.

With Provide® Enterprise, you are easily able to produce the NAPIS Program report, other reports by funders, and an unlimited number of customized reports.

If you are looking for the right care management tool for your Nutrition Services, talk to us about Provide® Enterprise.

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