Ryan White Programs

More than one million Americans are living with HIV. This number continues to increase as effective new drug therapies make it possible for persons with HIV to remain healthy and live longer. In the United States, Federal funding red ribbonis available to improve treatment, care, and support for persons living with HIV/AIDS. The largest HIV-specific discretionary grant program is the Ryan White Program.

For over 14 years, Provide® Enterprise has been used by Ryan White funded agencies throughout the United States. Because every program is unique, each implementation has been customized. The software’s architecture supports great flexibility and comprehensive security, so it can be used effectively in all types of HIV/AIDS service delivery models.

Provide® Enterprise generates all the required Ryan White federal reports. But it is the functionality beyond producing required reports that our customers really value. Provide® Enterprise supports the full spectrum of Ryan White care delivery activities including determining Client eligibility, assessing Client needs, monitoring Client health and well-being, creating action plans and goals, documenting services provided, and monitoring Client progress.

Provide® Enterprise facilitates the exchange of information across providers, a function that is critical to positive outcomes when caring for Clients with complex and chronic health concerns. In addition, you can automatically import pharmacy records and lab results into Provide® Enterprise. The software also allows you to measure the effectiveness of your programs, manage grants, and generate limitless customized reports.

If you are looking for the right care management tool for your Ryan White Program, talk to us about Provide® Enterprise.

Provide® Enterprise. Extraordinary Tool. Extraordinary Care.