Provide® Enterprise Data Capacity

To deliver the best care, care managers need to be able to maintain and retrieve large amounts of personal and service related Client information. Care managers use this information to coordinate care across providers and to ensure that Clients receive all services as planned.

Provide® Enterprise organizes and stores all Client records in one easily accessible location, simplifying the exchange of information between those involved in the Client’s care, and reminding the care manager to perform specific care actions. As a result, care managers can ensure that Clients have the greatest opportunity for a successful outcome.

There is no limit to the amount and type of Client and service data you can track in Provide® Enterprise. Additional information about how Provide® Enterprise organizes key Client information can be obtained by clicking an item listed on the right or by reading below.


In Provide® Enterprise, demographic information is generally collected in the Client Profile. Examples of the type of information collected in the Client Profile include the Client’s name, address, telephone number(s), date of birth, gender, health insurance, names of family members, family income, education status and history, employment status and history, and personal contacts. We customize the content and structure of the Client Profile based on your needs.



A wide variety of evaluation tools are used for assessing Clients. Examples of tools already integrated by other providers include SASSI, CES-D, PHQ-9, and the BDI. While many organizations utilize standardized protocols, others use tools they have developed themselves. Some organizations conduct global assessments that address all areas of development and functioning while other organizations focus their assessments on a particular area of need. No matter what approach you take, we incorporate your assessments into Provide® Enterprise where they can be automatically scored, easily saved, and quickly retrieved.


Care Plans

Care Managers can create and work their care plans within Provide® Enterprise. A Care Plan in Provide® Enterprise is a “living document” that outlines goals, steps that will lead to achieving those goals, and progress the Client has made. Templates can be created for goals that are used frequently. The template can incorporate information related to the goal that is similar from one person to the next. The template allows you to quickly complete required information related to a goal. Templates can be edited to address the Client’s particular needs. Goals and steps can be added and removed to the Care Plan as the client’s needs change over time. Supervisory protocols can be used within the Care Plan for monitoring and evaluation of the plans.


Contact and Service Tracking

Contacts and services are tracked in Provide® Enterprise. You determine the specific information you would like to collect related to each encounter. At a minimum, you will probably want to document the contact date, type of contact, and summarize what occurred during the encounter. For medical encounters, you may want to include information about the Patient’s diagnosis, allergies, test results and other relevant medical information.

All information related to the services a Client is receiving and who they are receiving it from can be tracked in Provide® Enterprise. Again, you determine the amount of information you want to collect related to services the Client receives from your organization or from other providers.


Appointment Scheduling and Tracking

Provide® Enterprise incorporates an appointment scheduling and tracking feature. Care managers can document scheduled appointments in the system and then be reminded about the appointment by the system. After receiving the reminder, the care manager can follow up with the Client or provider and document the appointment outcome in Provide® Enterprise.


Health Status

Provide® Enterprise can be used to track extensive Client health information. You determine the specific health information you want to collect. Basic health information typically documented in Provide® Enterprise includes the Client’s primary and specialty physicians, allergies, and past and current diagnoses. Beyond this basic information, Provide® Enterprise can track any additional health information you would like to collect.



Use Provide® Enterprise to document the reason for each hospitalization, the start and end date of each inpatient stay, the number of days the Client was hospitalized, and the length of time between hospitalizations.


Lab Results

Maintaining complete, accurate and up-to-date information about your Client’s lab results is very important. Provide® Enterprise allows you to enter individual test results, enter multiple test results in a lab panel or on a single screen. Lab results can automatically be transmitted from Quest Diagnostics or Laboratory Corporation of America and imported into Provide® Enterprise. Once in Provide® Enterprise, test results are easily accessible for review. Results can be graphed, if preferred, to quickly see trends or changes over time.


Prescription Information

Provide® Enterprise is rich with features that help you track and manage your Client’s prescriptions. Cerner Multum’s Lexicon is built into Provide® Enterprise. The Lexicon, which is updated regularly, contains drug names, as well as strength, route and dosage information. Other functions that can be incorporated into Provide® Enterprise include prescription writing and prescription label printing. Records of medications dispensed can be entered into Provide® Enterprise. Notifications about drug to drug, drug to food and drug to disease interactions, as well as drug allergy and allergic cross reactivity can be incorporated into Provide® Enterprise. Patient information leaflets can be printed in English or Spanish.



In Provide® Enterprise you can quickly and easily document Client referrals. Record where you referred the Client, the reason you referred the Client, and the date you referred the Client. In addition, you can identify the next steps in the referral process and set the date for the system to remind you to follow-up on the outcome of the referral. Requesting a service from an organization in your Provide® Enterprise network can be completed electronically with the request being automatically transferred to the appropriate agency. The agency can then complete and return the form in Provide® Enterprise, indicating the disposition of the service request.


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