Provide® Enterprise Technology

Provide® Enterprise has a unique technology architecture that was selected specifically to enable us to deliver both a feature rich and easy to use interface for your staff along with powerful and flexible data analysis and reporting capabilities. The Provide® Enterprise system is built on Microsoft SQL Server. This is the most widely supported and cost effective relational database on the market and it has unmatched database access security controls. On top of that, we built in record level security and change tracking functionality that enables you to securely collaborate within and across care programs and provider agencies. With record level security being applied based on the authenticated user accessing the Provide® Enterprise database, we are able to allow users to access the data using any report writing or analysis tool that can access a Microsoft SQL Server database. This means you are not restricted to reports developed by us. Exploit the care management data your staff members are collecting by creating reports that show the effectiveness of your programs and the impact they are having on the health and wellness of your Clients.

Your care team can access the Provide® Enterprise database with our Visual Basic .Net Frameworks-based client interface. While this does mean that each user must have the client software installed on their Windows based PC, it also means that they have a rich and easy to use interface that is significantly better than anything you may be used to seeing from vendors that deliver a Web Browser-based interface. You can still securely connect to a remote server over the Internet as you would with a Browser-based interface but you get the functionality of a Windows Forms Based application.