Deployment Services

Understanding your organization is critical to the customization and implementation of Provide® Enterprise. We invest a significant amount of time discussing your business practices, policies and procedures with you. Gannt chartWe want to know about the challenges and opportunities you face today as well as those you will face in the future. This thorough analysis, along with the practical experience and knowledge we have gained over the last 16 years, informs our care management software customization recommendations.

Implementing a new software system often serves as the impetus for modifying a practice, policy or procedure. Again, we offer our expertise, by suggesting how Provide® Enterprise can support and facilitate implementation of new and improved care management practices.

While consulting is essential in the initial customization phase, we are available at any time as issues arise that affect your care management software needs. Whether a funder or payer changes their reporting requirements or your agency decides to make a change in procedures, you can count on us to assist you. We will discuss options for modifying the software, make the agreed-upon changes, and then deliver the changes to you. The flexibility of Provide® Enterprise coupled with our commitment to you means that you can count on us to be a long term partner.

Groupware Technologies typically issues new releases of Provide® Enterprise two times a year. These upgrades are included in your annual support and maintenance fees. Each new release adds functionality to the software. All customizations that have previously been made to your software are guaranteed to work with every new release.