Training Services

We recognize that your staff’s ability to use Provide® Enterprise to its fullest potential is contingent upon their understanding of how the software works. We place a very high priority on training your staff so they are able to integrate every aspect of the software into their day to day group

For initial training, we work with you to develop a detailed training plan that includes how, when and where the training will occur, how long the training will be, who will conduct the training, and who will be trained.

We offer a variety of training options and, with your input, determine which option is best suited to your situation. For example, we can train the direct service staff who will be using the software, or we can train key individuals at your organization who will then be responsible for training the other staff. We offer specialized trainings for individuals who use a particular part of the system. For instance, we can teach the accounting staff how to use the billing functions of the software, or teach management staff how to complete quality assurance reviews on their staff’s data. Database and Applications administrators also frequently receive specialized training. Finally, we can also provide training targeted to individuals at your agency who are responsible for creating and running reports.

Training can be held at your facility, in our offices, or at another location. We also have a portable training lab that can be set up at your site or at an off-site location, such as a hotel conference facility.

As far as ongoing training is concerned, we are always available for follow-up training. Again, a number of options are available, depending upon your needs and circumstances. These trainings can occur at your location, at our location, via phone or via the Internet.